What Kind of Injury is Ailing You?

There are a couple different types of injury: 1) You or a loved one have been injured on the job, or 2) You have been affected by an occupational hazard over a period of time, perhaps by fumes, toxins, or other characteristics of poor work environments.

Either way, we want to get you back to your life with as little stress as possible and the proper compensation you deserve.

Are you concerned about your employing company losing money? This is understandable if you have fear about losing your job in the future, you think this is your fault, or maybe you just like your company. Do not worry. By law, every company is required to have worker’s compensation insurance, so your employer does not pay a dime. 100% of this comes out of the insurance company’s pockets.

Have you been in contact with the insurance company? The insurance companies are wholly for themselves. You are entitled to rates fitting the injuries that have befallen you.

We Will Always Be by Your Side

When you or a loved one is injured, the situation can be overwhelming. Dealing with an injury is tough enough. The road you are facing is scary, but allow us to walk beside you and light the way. We are going to do anything we can to help and guide you.