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When a major workplace injury or ailment takes place, we provide the representation you need to get back on your feet, financially and physically. We support our clients from day one through the difficult experience of workers’ compensation cases. 


Workplace compensation claims are covered by insurance, but you still need representation to ensure fair handling of your cases. We protect our clients against frivolous lawsuits and fraudulent claims, and minimize exposure to ensures costs are kept to a minimum.

Injured Parties

If you’ve been injured, you deserve fair compensation. We don’t just provide a free consultation – we don’t charge anything until your settlement is reached. No settlement? No attorney fees.

Years Experience


Experienced Attorneys

With over 50 years of combined experience, we have helped clients successfully resolve their workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. Our team members are seasoned in litigation, trial advocacy, and arbitration. Whatever your case requires, we’re here to provide the experience and support you need.

Legal Practice Areas 

Fighting For Employees

Fighting for fair treatment and fair compensation on behalf of workers. We’ll walk you through the complex legal processes, advocating on your behalf.

Defense For Employers

You value your employees and their contributions. They’ve helped you build your company into what it is today. When litigation comes, you need to move quickly guard your assets.

Advocating for the Injured

With Mindas and Morris, you can be assured that skillful legal representation is never a worry. Our attorneys are passionate advocates for victim’s rights.

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